Purpose Statement

My Vintage Tech Collection

The primary goal of My Vintage Tech Collection is to inspire others to preserve history and learn about how tech works by reading and then experiencing tech throughout the centuries. By sharing and engaging with others via a form-based forum, I hope the site can help others in need and provide inspiration to the next generation of tech enthusiasts. The website will pursue this goal in the following ways.

  1. Mobile Friendly
  2. Dynamic
  3. Universal Browser Compatibility
  4. Usable With Access Technology
  5. Respectful of Mobile Data / Network Speed


What is the topic to be addressed? Or, why is there a need for your site?

My website is a blog that encompasses my vintage tech collection.

Is the website for fun, for research, to inform, generate revenue/e-commerce, to educate, etc.?

This website is for fun and a place for researchers to find information regarding schematics and guidance with troubleshooting issues.

Who is your target audience?

Vintage tech enthusiasts

What should your target audience learn/think/feel after visiting your site?

  • Technical specifications
  • Schematics
  • Steps of troubleshooting
  • Can I fix it?
  • Who did people survive with 1.44MB of storage?
  • Enlightenment
  • Nostalgia
  • Inspired