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My Vintage Tech Collection

Hero Image depicting the Data General 6227 Hard Drive


The primary goal of My Vintage Tech Collection is to inspire others to preserve history and learn about how tech works by reading and then experiencing tech throughout the centuries. By sharing and engaging with others via a form-based forum, I hope this site can help others in need and provide inspiration to the next generation of tech enthusiasts.

Recent Additions

HP Proliant

The HP Proliant server comes in multiple configurations. Mine has 4 GB of RAM and two XEON CPUs.

Mockup of servers with blinking lights

Fujitsu HDD

The Fujitsu hard drive is an 8 inch hard drive that holds ~850 MB of data...

Image of an eight inch hard drive from 1994

Burroughs Adding Machine

This mechanical adding machine is from the early to mid 20th century...

Side view of a Burroughs adding machine

CPU Collection

In this collection are CPUs from Cyrix, Intel, AMD, Texas Instruments, Fair Child, and ULSI Systems. The CPU is an integral.

A grid of different CPUs from 1987 to the present day

The Speak & Spell

This important peice of computing history starred in ET the Extra-Terrestrial. My second gen unit has ET printed right on the circuit board!

The inside of a second generation Speak & Spell

Data General 6227

Its clear top brings to light the true meaning of Hard Disk Drive (HDD). This 1983 specimen is 8 inches wide and over 27 pounds...

the Data General 6227 Hard Drive