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Flood Research Paper

Could the flood depicted in Genesis, form the Grand Canyon and placed marine fossils in Himalayas The overwhelming amount of evidence illustrates the proof of the Genesis flood happened globally. This paper will analyze three facts, which proves that the catastrophic flood was a global event which covered the who earth in water. In the following paragraphs, the paper dives into the facts, which support the occurrence of the flood during Noah's time.

The supporting evidence, which is presented by Dr. Andrew A. Snelling, in chapter twenty-nine of his Book, The New Answers Book 3, where he describes the occurrence of long-distance transportation of rock sediments. This movement of sediments across entire states is a significant part of the evidence. Long distance transportation shows the flooding has occurred worldwide. Sediments that, have been transported for long distances, then deposited in large quantities is caused by a vast amount of turning water. This amount of water would result in a flood so immense that, the flood in Genesis would be large enough to have such movement in sediments. One of the most obvious examples of sediments being transported and deposited is seen in the layers of Coconino Sandstone, which are three hundred and seventy-five feet thick. The sandstone is visible along the walls of the Grand Canyon. Some areas of long-distance transportation stretch across an entire country, which proves how vast the flood was.

Dr. Snelling, explains in his article, Geologic Evidences for the Genesis Flood, that bends in the strata have been found without fractures in the layers. He depicts that the fracture fewer synclines and anticlines present in the strata, convey the state of the rocks during their formation. The rock would have been playable when the compressional pressure was foliating the layers. Dr. Snelling's article states that "many places we find whole sequences of strata that were bent without fracturing, indicating that all the rock layers were rapidly deposited and folded while still wet and pliable before final hardening."which shows that the sediments were still under water when the process occurred.

The explanation given by Dr. Snelling, show that the sediments were saturated with water and folded the layer of strata before the clay sediments fully solidified. This rapid deposition leads to the overlying evidence of the flood seen in Genesis because the rapid deposition of strata would have to occur in a short period of time. which is backed by the fact, that sedimentary rocks do not retain water for extended period of time. In parts of the Grand Canyon walls, the strata can be observed where the layers of rock are bent in a right angle. The numerous observations of rapid deposition, further reinforcing the fact that the catastrophic flood, which is shown in Genesis, covered the entire world

The flood would cause many species to be fossilized in mud however, many geologists, who believe in the young earth theory, try to disprove the global using the fossil record. Dr. John H. Whitmore's publication titled Continuing Catastrophes, in which he voices his theory that the marine fossils are from catastrophes after the flood. The author argues that "fish and other animals to be preserved as fossils after Noah’s Flood, they still had to be buried rapidly. This means that catastrophic processes must have continued into post-Flood times..."this argument can be countered by Dr. Snelling in his article Noah's Lost World, where he illustrates the evidence that the supercontinent Pangea was not the pre-flood land mass. Dr. Snelling uses multiple quotes from Genesis chapter 8 to back his argument.

A key factor in proving that the flood, which is detailed in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, is the discovery of marine organisms in mountainous regions. These sea creatures are found buried under sediment in locations high above sea level. The finding of these marine fossils in areas, such as the Himalayas, shows that mountain ranges were covered by water making the earth inhabitable. However, after the forty days of raging waters, which laid waste across the earth, the waters rapidly receded covering the trapped organisms in sediments. The fossils found above sea level are clams, coral, trilobites, fish teeth, and many other organisms which were transported by vast amounts of churning water. From the existence of marine organisms in the walls of the Grand Canyon, we can lean that the earth was flooded by God in Genesis.

Based on the evidence that has been uncovered throughout scientific studies, scientists have proven the occurrence of the flood seen in the bible. By observing the geological formations, which result from long-distance transportation of sediments, strata folding without fracturing, and marine fossils above sea level, which are accomplished only when a tremendous amount of water floods all of earth's terrain. This evidence proves that the Genesis flood was a global event. The flood in Genesis is an undeniable part of our earth’s history which changed her geography in dramatic ways.

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